Memory Block Series (2017, all 4×4, Acrylic on Canvas Panel)

This was a series I started in 2017. I was actively considering the relationships between colors and how certain color combinations can bring forth a memory or idea. Many of these paintings have very specific names or ideas connected to them, but I try to keep the titles to myself. I am very interested to know what differences or similarities there are between my memories or ideas and the memories and ideas of others who view the work.




Paintings from 2012-2013

This was a series I made while pursuing my undergraduate degree. I was very interested in lines and how they fall behind or in front of one another, and how tangling of objects causes overlaps and shadow. I was also interested in the relationship between living and non-living objects, and how the human eye decides what is living or non-living in an image. In my classes, some claimed that some of the things I painted seem more creature-like, while others were very stationary.